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Hello, I'm Richard Knight, Jr.  Thanks for stopping by Knight at
the Movies.  Here's a little bit about my film writing background.  
Since May of 2004 I've been the Cinema Writer for
Windy City
Times and this site.  Windy City Times is Chicago's premiere
LGBT print and online weekly and as noted, I write film reviews
from a queer perspective.

I've written on a variety of subjects for the Chicago Tribune, the
Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Reader and other publications
beginning in 1986 but I now concentrate mostly on film writing.  

In addition to my weekly "Knight at the Movies" review column for
WCT I also write film related articles and a quarterly movie
soundtrack column for the Trib.  

My alter ego Dick O’Day hosts “Camp Midnight,” a seasonal
movie series dedicated to the “best of the worst” of camp movies
at Chicago’s historic
Music Box Theatre.
In addition, Dick O'Day spent six years as a correspondent with Chicago's premiere PBS Station
WTTW on the wacky, wonderful
Wild Chicago and I won two Emmys for "his" segments on the show (if
I don't say "his" he gets, um, upset).  There's a lot more about my still vibrant performance career,
including my band Samba Bamba at the
Dick O'Day website.

Two separate collections of my film reviews for Windy City Times and this site are available by
HERE.  In 2007 I created Movie Queens, an online web TV show dedicated to exploring film
from a humorous and very queer perspective.  I played "Ricky," (a much more
fabulous version of
my real life self) in the series.  The webisodes are available through the Movie Queens site.

I'm a member of the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association (
GALECA) and the Chicago
Film Critic's Association.  In the Spring of 2009 I founded the Queer Film Society, the first ever
group comprised of openly queer film critics, academics, historians, and authors.  Come join us!
PHOTO: Hal Baim
I welcome your comments on the film and DVD reviews, celeb interviews, requests for specific
reviews, or anything else concerning the site.  Use this form to do so.
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Questions, comments, or feedback:  Chicago's premiere
LGBT weekly where I've been the Cinema Writer
since May of 2004.  A site dedicated to my
performance and musical freelance career.  Still some of the best arts and
feature newspaper writing in the world.  When boredom sets in.  Great
computer games.  My musical mentor.  Forever
the Goddess.  A forum for healthy discussion.  The podcast site for
WCT - a great variety of queer related topics
with occasional KATM additions.  My favorite
Chicago theatre company - movie parody stage
show central!  Web site for the
newly formed LGBT film society - a consortium
of queer film critics, academics, authors,
historians, etc.  Home base for the web
based program devoted to movies from a
queer perspective that I created and hosted
from 2007-2009.  Earth's Biggest Movie
Database.  Comprehensive
review site.  Comprehensive DVD
site. Great site for the
business end of movies  My favorite site for
movie trailers. Movie gossip.  Fun.  Silly.  
Indepth.  Gossip from a gay angle.  The 900 pound gorilla of
film criticism - for a very good reason.
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